Structure of corneal stroma: new evidence

 A new study uncovered the significance of a previously unappreciated structural feature in the corneal stroma important to its biomechanics. Vogt’s striae are a known clinical indicator of keratoconus and consist of dark, vertical lines crossing the corneal depth (see figure). However, the authors detected stromal striae in most corneas, not only in keratoconus.

Striae were observed with multiple imaging modalities in 82% of 118 human corneas, with pathology-specific differences. Striae generally depart from anchor points at Descemet’s membrane in the posterior stroma obliquely in a V-shape; in keratoconus, striae depart vertically from posterior toward anterior stroma.

Grieve K, Ghoubay D, Georgeon C, Latour G, Nahas A, Plamann K, Crotti C, Bocheux R, Borderie M, Nguyen TM, Andreiuolo F, Schanne-Klein MC, Borderie V. Stromal striae: a new insight into corneal physiology and mechanics. Sci Rep. 2017 Oct 19;7:13584.